Hi. I recently rescued a mature JD- owners were moving, decided last minute not to set up the tank...he was in a bucket. I took him. He's in a 36 bowfront. Tank is cycled, all parameters are WNL. I am doing 25% water changes weekly. Water is clear. Running an eheim canister and a sponge filter.
He is not eating... has not eaten since he's been here ( going on 3 weeks) Shows ZERO interest in food - have been attempting the food he came with as well as frozen blood worms. No interest whatsoever.
He is pretty shy- I chalked it all up to adjusting to the new tank. Now, I'm starting to wonder if there isnt something more. His belly is big. Was when i brought him here, figured he was well fed. I have not seen him poop, ever.
Not sure what to do with him... considering adding salt. IDK.