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    Not sure if this is the right place for this topic.. anyways here it is.

    I have a 125 gallon African cichlid tank with 2 sun sun 304b filters. The oldest filter is 2 years old and the other is about 1 year(give or take a few months).. the older filter still runs great, I've replaced the impeller shaft about a year ago. It runs a little louder than the newer one but it's not loud at all. The hose inlet and outlet piece broke where the piece locks down to the filter and flooded my house with about 1/3 of the tank earlier this year. With the locking tabs broke, the water pressure pushed the whole valve up and water was going everywhere. After the clean up and seeing what was broken I attaches a locking/lever type clamp to the filter top. This works good. I'd say it's locked in better than with the tiny factory plastic locking hooks.

    Today I did my usual weekly 10% water change, I unplug the filters so they don't suck air in when the water gets low. After I plugged them back in the older filter started leaking from inside the lid. Like from the holes where the big lock downs attach. I put the filter in the bath tub and inspected it. Looks like one of the o-rings around the input was twisted. I cleaned this filter a couple weeks ago and I'm guessing it must have twisted then and not sealed right.. but it hasn't leaked until I unplugged it and plugged it back in today. I put some vaseline around the rings, straightened it out and it's been running in the tub for over an hour with no leaks. I've rocked it around, twisted the fittings and hoses around.. I can't make it leak now.

    Question: are my fish safe with one filter down when they've had 2 for so long?

    Should I expect a spike in ammonia or nitrite?

    Think it'll be safe to run this filter on the tank since I straightened the o-ring out? Til I can get some replacement parts..

    Thanks, Matt

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    How many fish in that tank? and is the vaselined o-ring going to leach into the tank? Right now my julie 55 tank is down to two filters instead of 4 and they are fine. How much water does each filter turn over per hour?
    Later, Boilermaker

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    12 or 13 fish. I didn't put much Vaseline on it.. not enough to leach and hurt something. The filters say 500 gph so I'd say realistically I might have 500 gph with the two.. never tested to see how much water they actually move.

    I put the filter back on the tank and it's not leaking. I'm going to see if I can buy some new orings for it this weekend.

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    Sounds like you got it under control, your turning over a large amount of water per hour. That's about the same on my 125 (gallon per hour) I run two back filters 300's, two powerheads 300's, then a large Rena air pump.
    Later, Boilermaker

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    The filter has been running great. I also have a power head in the opposite corner from the 2 sun suns. I'm not sure the size, it was given to me I think it's a marineland brand but it moves almost as much water as one 304.. I have it pointed at the surface to keep that end moving around

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