I've a 240 gallon TruVu thick acrylic/plexiglass fish tank/aquarium with DIY stand for sale.

The aquarium is in great condition, no cracks or leaks.
The dimensions are 8x2x2 feet.

The stand is also in great condition and tastefully designed/built to match any room.
The stand was designed to hold a compact car (no joke) and fully furnished to make it look like a cabinet/furniture - definitely doesn't look DIY.

It's currently holding a horde (100+) of malawis and hundreds of pounds black sand and rocks.
I'm also open for any offer on the fish & set-up/equipments

This is my dream tank.
I'm only selling this due to downsizing of the hobby (potentially getting booted out of the house)
Contact me for any additional info and what's included with the set.

Picture taken during set-up (empty):

Location is in Petaluma, CA
Due to the nature of this sale, it's cash & carry/pick-up only.
Bring a big truck or van (I rented a full size 8-ft U-haul van and hired 3 strong men + myself)
Yes, 4 adult men will be required to lift the tank empty.

Thanks for looking.