I am looking for any information regarding this species.

I might be temporarily homing one as it is coming with a tank I am considering buying (Juwel Rio 450).

I will be looking to put my current stock into this tank which includes 6 young Angels, 2 lemon bristlenose, 10 kuhli's and 8 adult Zebra Danios.

From what little info seems to be on the net these fish get pretty big and since they are Cichlids i'm going to presume they are territorial. This one is about 7 inches currently and I would be looking to temporarily home while i find it somewhere more suitable.

Would it peacefully cohabit with my current stock or would chaos reign and I would be stupid to put them together?

Any other info and help looking after this fish would also be greatly appreciated.

It's important to me that the welfare of the fish comes first.

Thanks in advance.