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Cichlid Forums Rules and Terms of Service
» Rules and Terms of Service
Welcome to the Cichlid Forums website. These Rules and Terms of Service govern your use of this site. Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Service, so please read carefully.

The Cichlid Forums is an online community intended to enable members to benefit from the experience of fellow cichlid-keepers. It is not a resource to be mined for any other personal gain, commercial or noncommercial. You therefore agree that you will not use CichlidForums.com to post or send any advertisement, solicitation, or any other promotional message, or to link to a site for the sole purpose of driving traffic to that site except in forums clearly marked for commercial or promotional use.

You agree that CichlidForums is not responsible for and does not vouch for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any posting or information or the status or legitimacy of any person making a post or writing any content.

You agree that you will not post any knowingly false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, or threatening message, or any containing a personal attack against another member. You agree you will not post material that is invasive of another person's privacy.

You agree not to post any other person's copyrighted material.

You agree not to discuss politics or religion in the forums.

Usernames: Please exercise common sense and good faith in choosing your member name. Usernames which are identical to or in our sole judgment confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the registrant has no rights will be deleted. Newly registered usernames which are substantially similar to an existing member name and which in our sole judgment could confuse a reasonable person as to the screen identity of the member must be changed if we so request. If in our judgment the intent of registering such a confusingly similar name is to deceive the membership-at-large, the registration will be deleted. If you forget your password, please do not re-register; instead, use the "lost my password" option or email us at the contact email on the index page of the discussion board.

One account is allowed per person.

Please do not post the same question or message more than once. Over 98% of questions posted here receive replies (if the past is any indication). Be sure you've chosen a fitting forum for your query and be patient.

By registering you certify that you are at least 13 years of age. Moreover, for security reasons, participants under the age of 18 should not reveal their age, or post any personal information such as their complete name or city of residence.

Materials published or posted on this site are the property of their respective authors and/or of CichlidForums, and you should assume that all such publications and postings are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights.

CichlidForums.com does not claim proprietary rights to the materials you publish. However, by uploading or otherwise causing such material to be displayed, you are granting the CichlidForums.com, its affiliated web sites or companies and necessary sublicencees permission to use your submissions in connection with their Internet operations, including, without limitation, a royalty-free and perpetual license to copy, distribute, transmit, publish, display, reproduce, edit, and reformat such content.

Cichlidforums.com archives off site images locally in order to preserve posted material. By linking images to posts you are granting CichlidForums.com permission to use your submissions in connection with their Internet operations, including a royalty-free and perpetual license to copy said images locally for the above purpose.

The compilation of all content on the site (the database) is the property of Cichlidforums.com. CichlidForums therefore reserves the right to edit and not edit or to delete and not delete or otherwise modify member posts and all other content and to otherwise do and not do what its administration in its sole discretion deems is necessary to preserve the integrity and continuity of the forums.

Moderators are not only forum guides; they are also the final arbiters of what constitutes a violation of the rules. As forum policy is not material for public debate, please privately take up any issues you might have with the Rules and Terms with the moderators or site administrator.

Although CichlidForums attempts to delete objectionable messages from the Board, it operates in real time and does not review material before posting. All messages express the views of the author, and neither CichlidForums, its parent company or affiliates, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Limited (developers of software used for the Forum) will be held responsible for any content, any posting or any message. You are solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless CichlidForums, its affiliates and Jelsoft with respect to any claims and demands against them, including any attorney fees and expenses, based upon your submission of material to the Site. You consent to personal jurisdiction in the courts of Dallas County, Texas with respect to any posting you make.

The Cichlid Forums may modify these Terms of Service at any time. Your use of this site and its services shall constitute your acceptance of the modifications to these Terms of Service.
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