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    so to all of you who have large tanks, say 70 gallons and the hell do you go about making a weekly 25% or so water change that doesnt end up taking an entire weekend. i am going to get a large tank myself so i kind of wanted to know your secrets. thank you

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    its all about the python for me
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    (( I have a 90 gallon))
    My tank is in proximity to my kitchen sink... I use a 10 foot peice of 1" clear plastic tubing to siphon about 30 gallons of water directly to the drain... about half way thru the 30 gallons I stop and "stir things up" so I get most of the debris into the water... I then continue draining the remaining water...
    I then use a garden hose that I plumbed thru a "whole house filter" to re-fill ...

    As I refill I add PRIME to the water stream and I had premixed a gallon water container with the appropriate amount of cichlid buffer and cichlid salt for the 30 gallons I am replacing...

    I can do my waer change in about 30-45 minutes including a wipe down of the glass... At first it would take me about 1 hour to 1-1/4 hr, but with practice I got faster.

    PS = I used to have 3 smaller tanks - I can attest to the fact that a bigger tank does NOT take longer, actually it seems to go faster.
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    Pump the water out or use large diameter (1 1/2"+) hose to drain it.

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    Python all the way to do the draining. If you have premix water rig a sump pump and hose as a return.
    If it has gills I am interested in it...
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