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Thread: 7' planted SA biotope (sort of)

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    Default 7' planted SA biotope (sort of)

    I'm getting a 7'x15"x15" bay front tank that I would like to try planting as it has 2x4' & 2x2' fluros (ie plenty of light).

    The problem is the inhabitiants I have earmarked as centrepieces are a couple of severums. They have absolutely anniilated every plant in their current tank (except crypt & anubias) but I was wanting a SA biotope tank so other than maybe amazon swords, what plants would be resiliant enough or taste bad to the sevs?

    I also have 2 blue acara's & a heap of BN's ready and was looking at 6-8 silver/spotted dollars as dithers with probably 3-4 pictus catfish, along with platies/guppies.

    Would rams also survive with these guys?

    Am I asking too much to have a planted tank with these guys?

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    one concern maybe the silver dollars they may eat most plants but i cant really help with the rest

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