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Thread: what did you spend?

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    Default what did you spend?

    how much money to create your tank?

    home made stand $100
    tank $100 55 gl
    2 diy canisters $55
    fish $35
    all decor $40
    fresh water test and meds who knows,alot
    diy moonlights $6
    total around $ 340
    not to bad in prise. so lets here or see the best for the lowest amount.

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    i think this will be an interesting post, sorry i can't contribute. every single tank i've gotten was used, and i paid next to nothing for them. i keep them pretty bare so theres more room for the big cichlids, so i paid for gravel, river stones, maybe an assorted decoration or two, and the filters
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    Tank: 50$ used
    Emperor 400: 47$
    Power Head: 20$
    decore: 5$
    test kit: 20$
    Food: 25$ so far
    Fish: 6$
    Total: 167$
    I'm on my first tank. I got the rocks from my back yard, only thing I bought was a plastic plant. Just bought fish to start the cycle.
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    whta size tank.

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    120g tank =free
    All I had to buy was gravel and decorations, and carbon and ammo chips for my filter.
    and then I bought my 55g tank for 350 bucks and came wit everything didn't have to buy one thing for it, except for some fish.
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    50G or 55G

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    110g bowfront with stand, heater, internal filter, lights and hood = £565 (brand new). I cut the internal out.
    2x Fluval 404's = £180

    I spent £800 max on this tank.

    55g with stand, heater, internal filter, lights and hood = £240 (brand new).
    Left the internal in + bought 1 Fluval 204 = £50.

    No more than £350 spent.
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    1. 135 Gal - Free from Aunt and Uncle and Little Cousin =$0
    2x canister filters $160 each (b-day gift from Girlfriend) = $0
    2x 36inch fixture, 2x bulbs = $140
    1x 48inch fixture, 1x bulb = $82
    2x 50lbs of pool filter sand = $16
    1x 250w heater = $30
    150lbs of Vengeance Creek Stone = Approx. $50
    Coral and shells = $15
    Silk Plants = Approx. $30
    26x Malawi Cichlids = $45 (+ 20 babies they just had = free)
    3x Algae eaters and 1xCatfish = $18
    5x Convicts (free from parents in 300gal) = $0
    Jardini Aro (he will be relocated when he gets too aggressive) = $50
    Miscellaneous = $50
    TOTAL= $ 526

    2. 300 Gal (came with stand, hood, lights, filter, pumps, coral, heater, UV, 2x pumps, 1x air pump, lace rock) = $1,000
    Sand paper, paint, materials to repaint hood & stand = $50
    New Tubing = $50
    180lbs of pea river rock = $6
    Back ground = $5
    Lace Rock (Free from 135gal) =$0
    Silk Plants = $60
    1x 300w heater = $30
    4x new bulbs = $40
    8x silver dollars = $32
    6x Giant Danios = $18
    2x Jack D = $6
    2x FireMouth = $6
    2x Convicts = $4
    1x Green Texas = $4
    1x Ornate Bircher = $16
    1x Senegal (??) Bircher (free traded 2x baby Senegal Birchers) = $0
    1x Black Aro = $50
    1x Midas = $5 (currently in a quarantine tank)
    1x Chocolate Cichlid = $4 (currently in a quarantine tank)
    1x Green Terror =$17 (currently in a hospital tank)
    Miscellaneous = $100
    TOTAL= $ 1471

    Combined TOTAL =$ 1997, this is cheaper than the home theater hobby and the reason I got into aquariums. I didnít include food because I constantly buy different kinds.
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    55g tank, filter, lights, hood and heater = $155.00
    Homemade stand=$60.00
    Additional filter= freebie off another tank.
    Crushed coral=$25.00
    All rocks=free
    Total=Around $260 including taxes.

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    I spent $350 for my 75 gallon aquarium and stand. But its a black glossy one. So its worth the money to me. I recently bought a RARE JUMBO FLAME TAIL GREEN TERROR for $51 and shipping cost me$75. So I gave th guy $130 total for my fish and shipping
    You can see him there. The Only reason why Glitz isn't show quality yet is cause he has a small hole in the head (but it's going away). Once it goes away he will be show quality, but Glitz is already a show male to me and worth every penny. So my tank and fish ( Glitz ) the name I gave him cost me around $500. Then 3 big bags and 8 small bags of pink gravel cost me $100 and my emperor 400 filter cost me $75. My net, scrub brush and buckets (to clean) cost $25, so thats a grand total of $700. Thats not even including my food I will need to buy for Glitz and I plan on buying Bio-Blend Cichlid Pellets, Omega One Super Color Pellets and one other type food you guys can recommend (so I can give him an assortment of foods). I guess you can say I will pamper and baby my new prize fish Glitz. TOTAL= $700
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    whoah... that's an awesome fish
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    Thanks punkypuffer

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    90g tank including lid and lighting - $500
    3 25lb bags of gravel - $60
    driftwood - free
    slate - free
    filters - $150 (3 ac 200s....saving up for a fluval 404)
    plants - $20

    i think thats pretty much it....
    tiger oscar - $10
    sailfin pleco - $7
    green terror/blue acara cross - $12
    112g - 10" Female Tiger Oscar, 6" Male Gold Severum, 5" Male Blood Parrot, 11" Common Pl*co, 10" Chocolate Pl*co.
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    Holy $^%# what a nice fish!

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    55 gallon with stand, filter, lights, heater and a box of accessories....$50.00 at Goodwill.

    55 gallon with stand, filter and all accessories...Free! Put a message in our local paper's swap column and a really nice guy gave me the tank for free because he was getting out of the hobby. Another person gave me 3 15 gallons plus several boxes of food, accessories and pumps for free from the same posting.

    29 gallon with 2 power filters, plastic plants, light and heater...$25.00 at Goodwill.

    What can I say? I'm as cheap as they come.

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