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    Default red devil tankmates

    if i put a red devil is a 69 gallon tank can there be any other fish in the tank.maybe a convict???

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    Here I'll tell you about the ones I keep. Ok, we'll start with the largest tanks first.

    500g- I have 2 Red Devils from a Pet Shop, 2 Wild Red Devils from Nicaragua, 1 F1 (wild Parents) Striped Red Devil, and 1 F1 Midas cichlid. Now all of these live with a whole gang of other peaceful and aggressive cichlids (plus a big old ablino Blue Goramy!). And the tank is actaully a peaceful setup. But it is because of the huge mass of water. You can't do this in a smaller tank.

    125- I have 4 Wild Striped Midas in here. In this tank there is also 1 Lima Shovelnose, 1 Synodontis catfish, a pair of Zonatum (a Black Belt Cichlid relative), 5 Convicts, 1 Red Parrot, 1 Severum, and 1 Tuba (a rare River cichlid). All the fish are between 2" and 8", so all are relatively young. At first there was little problem. But I soon had to setup a divider to keep the 2 male Midas separated. And then the males started beating on the females. So now my plan for this tank is to move the females to tanks of their own and keep a male Midas on each side of the divider with the other fish in the tank also.

    55- In this tank, I have a divided pair of Zaliosum, which are the smallest, most aggressive and rarest of the the Red Devils. But this fish does not have a red or yellow morph, only the grey striped. These fish are so aggressive they have to be alone and separated from each other.

    Now for your tank, I would recommend you start off with a small Red Devil or Midas, and with several Clown loaches, Catfish and Plecos. These shouldn't be a problem as long as your tank is decorated correctly. But if they start getting beat on, move them asap.

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    sorry about posting the same topic 2 my comp was messing do u sugest decorate my tank

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    clown loaches r a peaceful fish wont a red devil kill them.and what type of cat fish do u suggest

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    what type of catfish do u suggest i buy to live with a red devil

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    Agressive fish aren't always the best tankmates for Red Devils. In fact, most cichlids will ignore fish such as Catfish and Loaches. They should work out just fine. Shovelnose catfish (not the tiger shovelnose-to large), synodontis catfish, most plecos, pictus cats, hoplo and other armoured cats, and driftwood cats would all work. Just about anything hardy and kinda tough.

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    i was reading about shovelnose catfish and it says they can grow up to 24inches and another sight sayd 12 big do they get

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    Shovelnose are not all one species. There's probably 30 or more species. less than 10 are commonly available. The Most common are Tiger Shovelnose, Spotted Shovelnose, and Lima Shovelnose. Tigers can and will reach 3-4' easy. Definantly to big for most people. Spotted and Lima can both reach 2' in the wild. But it is very rare for either to get over 1' in capitivity. In fact, I have a 4" Lima, thats been 4" for 8 months, and a 6" Lima thats been 6" for 4 months. The fact is, they have a growing problem in captivity.

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    I have found no suitable tankmates for a red devil, except for plecos.
    Mine is wild and when I put her in the tank (55gal) she was 9 inches long. There was 2 red bellied piranhas about 8 inches long. I has watched her kill all my other fish systematically, I figured if she had 2 even matches and more room she might be less agressive. I left her in there and watched, 2 days went by she bullied them and they didn't fight back, the 3rd day I woke up to find 2 very dead red bellied piranhas... if they won't be nice to piranha's they won't be nice to anything else. IMO

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    i believe it all depends on tank size. some devils may dominate even the largest of tanks but must when given room calm down quite a bit. in a 55 gal tank most wont even tolerate a pleco. IMOH unless your doing bi-weekly 50% water changes 55 gals is not enough for an adult red devil. the more room you can give them the better your chances of them not killing their tank mates.

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    well I prize agression in fish.. gives me something to admire.

    The guy I got this one from says the best Red's he ever had were in a 50 gallon tank with another of their kind. I don't know why but that was his opinion. This particular specimin spent the first year of her life in a 20 gallon aquarium, so the 55 is like heaven to her.

    Oh, and I tend to agree with the guy. I once kept one in a 90 gallon tank, It was kind of a boring fish and didn't interact with humans because it didn't have to. In the 4 ft tank, she is forced to confront and interact with me. She tolerates the plecos well actually, so long as they don't clean her cave. But you know, every once in awhile, one goes in there and meets it's end. lol.

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    i have one in a 180 that interacts with who ever is near the tank. i like aggrestion as much as the next guy but i like my fish to much to cramp them into small tanks.
    oh and any time cichlids like devils act boring and hide i have found that either the conditions the fish was kept in was poor of their was something wrong with the fish.

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