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Thread: So how does everyone aquascape?

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    this is my 75 when i redid it with new fishes

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    this is my 40 gallon hex that i sold to a friend

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    HOG, your links don't seem to be working...

    Here's a couple links to pages I have found helpful when aquascaping my own setups...



    There are many more articles and forum topics that have tons of information on how to create not only a natural scape, but one that's pleasing to the eye as well. Just do a Google search...

    -135gal: Central American Community (Check out my thread for pics and updates:
    -40gal L: Razorback Musk/Community Fish

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    that sucks they are good picks of my 75

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    thanks for the links

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    Do a lot of you run Co2? I have a semi planted tank now, truthfully i want to replant it but until I can find plants that work well in a 10g I want to try to replant it again. It was more heavily planted weeks back but water conditions were becoming whacky. I lost some fish (none of my apisto's though.) I was curious are some rock harsh on water quality vs others, like a slate vs a quartz? I use river jack and some,quarzite, and some bluestone. I work for a landscape company so I have access to some nice masonry materials. I really want to achieve a small slope, some logs, rock work and moss or short grass in the front. I've also got some pieces of drift wood with a nice size hole bored into them, are some plants better than other for putting in there, almost as a potted plant?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is my 75 at a couple of different stages through setting it up :-)
    Pretty new to aquascaping, but I actually really enjoy it!

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    This is my 5x3x2 dovii setup I will be moving them into my 8x3x2 when they are bigger.

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    Clayton, do us all a favor and start your own thread, that way we can all stay on subject instead of reading back 13 pages to see what is going on.

    And Welcome to the Forum, enjoy your stay and ask away, there are a lot of good people here willing to help.

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    All of my planted tanks have a nice load of wood in them to supply tannins to stabilize the water. I have two with gravel substrate and one with soil under gravel. I also have a tang tank with play sand and granite.
    The photocontest, like everything else is behind schedule. You get some links back today.

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