I've always been lucky that my house is set up nicely for quick and easy water changes with a python. I have my computer and three tanks (75 55 40) all in the den, with a bathroom and a family room adjacent to it. The family room has a wet bar, so the sink behind the bar is only 2 1/2 ft above the floor. I run the water through the python filling up the tube, turn the water off, open up the nozzle and gravity does its thing. If I want to, I can then unscrew the python, put my finger over the hole and move it into the bathtub to get better flow. (I can even drain the bottom 40 gallon tank into the bathtub this way.) I even have a second 25 ft python to drain two tanks at the same time while I sit at my computer.

But it just never occurred to me that I could get more suction if I kept the water in the sink running. I tried this yesterday and wow did I get a big improvement in gravel vacuming power. Just wanted to say thanks for the advise.