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Thread: Pool for a tank?

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    Default Pool for a tank?

    I was planning on getting a small swimming pool for some big fish. The ones that are aviable to me are 3 oscars 1 mag. 1 jag. I don't think I will put all of them in there just 3 I think. The pool comes with a filter and is 26" deep and 9" in diameter( its a circle ). I'm going to get 3 or 4 air pumps with large air stones and place them around the tank. I might not need a heater for it will be inside. I just wanted to know your views on such an idea and how many gallons would you think it be?

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    well, it seems like alot... but assuming that you meant 9' instead of 9" and that you'd have 24" of water in it... you'd have about 950 gallons... that's alot of water... you'd need to move 9500 gallons per minute to hit 10x that's 158 gallons per second. Hope there's a big intake on that filter... hehehe. I've heard of people keeping cichlids in coy ponds during the summer though... good luck!
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    I don't think it would be a problem if enough or correct filtration is used. I think Rex or somebody has an indoor pond and I don't think that it would be much different. Hopefully they will see this and respond with the proper filtration requirements and anything that the rest of us may have overlooked.
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    Why do you people insist on putting thoughts in my head????? i have enough tanks and fish as it is and all the sudden a post like this pops up!

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