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Thread: Shell sizes for multies

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    Default Shell sizes for multies

    I plan to build a nice back and small piece of lace rock in backround, and maybe a little jutting out in the middle. Then shells on both sides and few in the middle. I am getting a trio of 1m/2f. My tank is only 10 gallong, that is why I chose multies. Anyways what size shells should I buy?


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    something about 1.5-2" diameter like a medium sized mystery snail, turbo snail or escargo snail. a large opening is best although mine are using some of the shells with long flat openings as well. KYle

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    A shell with an opening near the size of a quarter will do fine.
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    agreed! they are not that particular... they will settle into what they are given.
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    I was probably a little small on the size I recommended. I think it depends on how big they get because I saw some this weekend that were huge by multi standards. the two I saw for sale were over 2" and wouldn't fit in my shells so I stopped by yesterday and got some more shells of larger size for them. Kyle

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