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    I know, I know, not the best combo but here's the deal. I have a 10 gallon tank I'm using to breed snails and recently moved about 4 or 5 juvenile guppies to try and breed them for feeder fish when I get my malawi setup going. I ran into some blue rams at my favorite LFS at lunch today and just couldn't pass them up so I bought a pair to put in the 10 (at least for now). I was going to move the guppies back to their former tank but decided they might act as a dither to make the rams feel a little more comfortable in their new surroundings so I had my wife leave them there. Anyone see a problem with that? If the rams don't like them or they start to multiply too fast, I can always move them. Plus, I was curious if they would chase the guppies. I had a single gold in my 55 and he never bothered anyone. KYle

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    I don't think the rams will bother them too much. They will occasionally nip, but I doubt they will chase them all the time. It also depends on how many guppies you have in there, if they feel over-crowded they will be more likely to nip. Remember: out of sight out of mind. If there are enough hiding places there won't be any problems. Also, if you have a pretty well planted tank, you probably don't need dithers. My rams are always out in the open.

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    the benefit of having the guppies in there is to bring your Rams out of hiding more,a smart move,Rams are not really that aggressive unless breeding anyway.

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