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Thread: jEWELS AND MBUNA??????????

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    Thumbs down same thing here

    my answer is no, the jewel WASN'T a great addition. funny thing is i have a red zebra, ps. lombardoi and emerald jewel cichlid (all about 1.5") in a tank together and the jewel definitely has to be the boss all the time. the other 2 small fish are now pinned in a small area as the jewel has free reign of the small aquarium. the only way id say u can keep a jewel with other smaller fish is if the tank is large enough that the jewel wont spot them too often. how big is your tank?

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    Just to add to what everyone has already said. OZZY2004d you are going to do what you want to do. And that is perfectly fine just as long as you know all the risk so you can never say no one told you. But ive been told not to add certain fishes with fishes but i did anyway because i wanted to. And they turned out fine for a while until they started getting bigger and aggression was so high, constant fighting, so i had to seperate some of them. It all depends on the nature of your fish. Ur fish can be known as soooo aggressive and he comes into your tank and he is being bossed around. So all depends on the nature of your fishes. (they all have different personalities.

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    Let me know how it turns out if you do decide to add a Jewel. I would love to see how that turns out.

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