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    I am gona be ordering some bartoni from jeff pretty soon. Ive been looking up some info on them and found little. Can anyone give me some general information on them? And how easy is it to get a pair and how do i get a pair?

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    Try looking up Herichthys bartoni or Parapetenia bartoni, I think they're the same fish, but I'm not certain. I couldn't find enough info on Nandopsis bartoni to make a good comparison. My copy of American Cichlids II: Large Cichlids uses the Parapetenia name, but I bought mine as Herichthys. The collection area is the same as mine so I'll guess they're the same.

    Mine are still juveniles, with a probable male of about 3" and two hopefully females around 2". I started with 4 f2's from the TCA auction. 1 large and 3 small, but I lost one along the way. The guy I got them from said his male would breed with one female on one end of a 125g tank and then go and breed with another female on the other end, so they're probably not strict pairing breeders. The original fish came from a collecting trip in Mexico some of the TCA guys did a few years back.

    The pH in the collection area is 7.9, total hardness 53 dH, Carbonate hardness 11 dH, no current, 30m in depth and the water temp was 30.5 C. Of course the information is 20 years old, so a lot might have changed name wise.

    They're open brooders, spawning on a stone. The pair will care for the young in the normal cichlid pair style.
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    allright thanks. Do you happen to have any pics?

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