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    I recently bought another jewel Cichlids out of pity. The poor thing was in a crowded tank, was as pale as a while wall, and could barley swim. I've had her for about a week now and she seems to be better (her color is a bright red, she's eating more). Only problem is, I can't seem to get her tail to start growing back. I'm certainly not an expert on this sort of thing, and was wondering if there was anything I can do to her tank (she shares it with my most submissive male) to help her regrow her tail.

    *note* She is not in there with the male to breed, she is only in there because I had no other tank to put her in where she'd be most safe.

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    Hello Kader,

    A peaceful environment (no other fish to harass her), excellent water parameters, perhaps some Melafix, and time. That is, depending on how far gone the tail is. Fins will regenerate to an extent, but if it's down to the nub it may not. A solitary tank would be the best bet... sometimes fish misbehave the most when there is no 'bigger fish' (ie: you) around, so things might not be quite as peaceful as they seem. I can't confirm that in your case, that's just been a general observation of mine over the years. If a solitary tank is not an option, well, provide plenty of cover and maybe even consider a temporary divider if necessary... Good luck with it, I hope she recovers.

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    Her tail fin barely above the nub.. are you saying that it may not come back? I've given her plenty of cover and if anything, she may be the more dominant out of the two. I had actually planning on buying a divider today just in case of aggression (if I see her getting worse or not getting better)

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