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    I've acquired a Malawi cichlids tank. It came with these fish. I'm presuming most are mbuna but I'm after help identifying everything so I am sure

    I think the blue is a midnight demasoni and there's a yellow lab. The light pinkish one a cuckoo? I'm new to malawis so please correct me

    Also the plec and catfish I'd like to know specifically what they are

    My set up is a juwel trigon 190 running an external and internal filter

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm no expert but looks like top pic is an albino OB hybrid, 2nd is yellow Lab, 3 is some sort of albino mbuna.. maybe socolofi..4th looks like an electric blue ahli (hap).. not sure on the catfish but the pleco looks like a leopard pleco.. at least from the bottom it does.. hope this helps a little👍👍

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    Top left is an OB Peacock, I wouldn't call it albino as it has a black eye. Top right is a Yellow Lab, bottom left is an Albino Socolofi, and bottom right appears to be Sciaenochromis fryeri, commonly called Electric Blue Ahli, which is a different but related species. These are all Malawian fish. The OB is a known hybrid, but the other three appear to be genetically pure, though one can never be certain.

    The catfish on the left is some sort of Hoplo, a Callichthyidae species from South America; best guess would be Megalechis thoracata. The Pleco is just about impossible to identify from that photo, but my best guess would be one of the "Common Pleco" types, which covers a couple of genera and numerous species. Best bet these days would be Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps, the Spotted Sailfin Pleco, but I'd have to see the dorsal fin to be sure.
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