Hello everyone,

I figured I'd post a bit about what I have going on right now.

I just recently got my first 60G aquarium, I had some cichlid stock in a 30G previously.

This is a grow out tank for my 125G to come in the future.

I currently have:

1 Male
6 Females (although only one is breeding size of male)

Electric blue Johanni
4 Males

Auratus "golden cichlid"
1 Male
4 Females(one of which just had 13 babies, one of which got shot from breeding Chamber into main tank :/)
2 albino auratus as well

3 unknown sex

1 Male

1 unknown sex (only in here temporarily)

1 unknown species
Will be selling to fund next stock purchase

Everyone gets along pretty well. Here is a snapshot of my rockwork.

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