Hi all,

I've spent some time reading stickies and the welcome threads but can't find anything relating to my issue. This is my first go around with Cichlids and I'm running a 45G tank with a Rena Filstar XP3 which says it's good for 175g/hr. I have 8 mbunas (all less than 2") and 1 pleco in the tank.

I originally had an issue with high nitrates, I've got them down to 20-40ppm through water changes. My new issue is a greasy film on top of the water that I can't seem to get rid of and doesn't get any better with water changes.

I'm feeding once a day and they consume it all within a minute or so. I don't think I'm over feeding but I'm lost on what's wrong with the tank. I had the water tested at my LFS and the results were perfect other than the slightly high nitrates.

Any help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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