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Thread: What do you feed your EBJD

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    Default What do you feed your EBJD

    So I've had mine for almost 9 months. Strangely for the last two months my ebjd doesn't always want to eat the nls pellets I've been feeding him this whole time. Aside from that he will happily eat the frozen bloodworms I supplement his diet with. He eats maybe two pellets and is then no longer interested in eating. Has anyone had this problem.before and what can I do? Also what other foods do you supplement your new world cichlids diets with?

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    Btw is this in the right sub forum?

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    Yes, but this forum has been almost completely abandoned. Don't know why, it was a very active group for several years, but it seems that people have drifted off.

    I use Xtreme pellets for those fish that eat pellets, they have been tested against NLS by expert breeders and produced bigger and more intensely colored fish when raised side by side. You could also get some redworms and chop them up, unless the fish are big enough to eat a whole worm. Great thing about earthworms is that there is zero chance of introducing parasites to the fish. Nice treat for larger fish. There are also foods with garlic in them, there is something about garlic that really attracts the fish to the food.

    Personally, I don't trust frozen bloodworms. You never know if they've been thawed at some point. I have used live bloodworms on occasion - had a big batch in one of my rainwater barrels once. But even those didn't digest well for some of the more delicate fish.
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