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Thread: Cyprichromis Questions!

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    Default Cyprichromis Questions!

    Just a couple of questions about these guys! cyprichromis leptosoma

    I heard they school?

    Would they school if I got 10 of them 3 male, 7 female!

    Would they go well in a 4 foot?

    Can I keep them with plants!

    Will the adults eat the fry?

    Can I keep holding females in the tank and let them spot in there?

    Do I have to strip the females?

    All done, what type of cyprichromis leptosoma do you recommend such as
    Kigoma, Mpulungu e.c.t

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Yes if you only have cyps in the tank or guppys etc
    You don't have to but I do
    None are hard to keep so depending on your preferences

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