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    I've been feeding my Mbunas a strictly plant-based (green) diet of pellets. But now my lfs said I should be giving them the "meat" (red) pellets once in a while.
    Any opinions?
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    Every once in a while will not heart them, just don't make it a regular thing....Also, do what seems to keep your fish happy and healthy

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    This thread in the beginner forum explains the whole thing. Not all Mbuna are vegetarians, and most are not even primarily vegetarian. Only a few species are actually evolved for a primarily aufwuchs diet. Most of the top "Cichlid" foods have a mixture of ingredients to best suit the omnivorous needs of these fish.
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    I use Hikari Cichlid Excel
    for Mbuna

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    New Life Spectrum.... my goto
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    I use Spirulina Flakes as well Omega Cichlid Super colour Flakes.
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