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    Hi all. I just recently got back into the aquarium hobby after nearly a decade without a tank. I kept African cichlids in the past but I didn't do enough research and my setup was carelessly put together in a 29 gallon tank that really wasn't large enough for the cichlids I kept in it. This time I am trying to do a better job of fishkeeping, doing lots of research. I have found a lot of helpful info here so I thought I would join the discussion. I currently have a 60 gallon with some assorted Africans. I started on a bad path at first, inadvertently mixing several species that would not be compatible for the long term. I intend to rehome 1 yellow lab, 1 male kenyi, 1 female kenyi, and a red zebra which will leave 4 Bumble bees and 1 demasoni. Then I plan to add 1 Bumble bee and 11 demasoni and keep it a 2 species tank. The decor is simple. Pool filter sand and cichlid rocks from underwater galleries.

    I am also in the process of setting up a couple more tanks. I got a little frustrated with my choice of incompatible fish, so I am going to do a couple smaller cookie cutter setups. A single species 20 gallon high with lamprologus multifasciatus and a 20 gallon long with a pair of gymnogeophagus meridionalis and 6 black widow tetras. I have another 20 gallon long tank as well that I will setup eventually but I am undecided as to what will go in there.

    Thanks for reading my long winded intro. Any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Welcome Dan!

    Sounds like an interesting setup. I would be a bit concerned about the bumble bees in a 60g though. They get to be pretty big as mbuna go and have a reputation for aggression - your mileage may vary. The demasoni, although also a potentially very aggressive bunch, don't need as much space and that tank should be fine for them.

    Good luck, keep us posted.

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