Used to post here years ago, but had gotten away from the hobby for the last 6 years or so due to moving coast-to-coast and back again. Too much work to keep setting up a 75 gal aquarium over and over again. But now I am settled for the (hopefully) forseeable future and I want to get my 75 gallon tank up and running again.

I already have the tank cycled, now I am just ready for the livestock. Not sure what direction I want to go in, aside from African. I do have a 3 year old, so lots of color and lots of activity is important. I'm personally fond of C. moori and Frontosa but due to their eventual size, not sure I want to stock those- maybe a few with some compatible smaller tank mates?

Anyways, the reason for my post- I can't find a good LFS anywhere near me (southern Chester County, PA). I'm hoping to connect to members here who might be local to the Chester County, PA/New Castle County, DE area who have good recommendations for fish stores. Anyone?