Hi guys,

Just a quick hello and hoping that you can all go easy on me, will be appreciated
Back in September last year I bought our first family fish tank - first tank for all 3 of us. The juwel rio 180, 3 foot long. Cycled fishless using ammonia and api master test kit, added first fish and plants on the 18th November.
My current stock are 10 male guppy, 6 Cory trilineatus and 3 male golden honey gourami. The gourami I'm pretty annoyed about as I originally had 3 dwarf gourami but again the store didn't get the right ratio of male to female so took them back to exchange and ended up with 3 males grrrr.
Now I'm in a world of what to do with my tank as I'm no longer confident in myself sexing fish nor my aquarist.
Now I'm trying to find a new home for two or maybe all 3 gourami, but I'm wanting something else to fill out my tank a bit more.
Im aware Bolivian ram should be OK with my guppy, not sure my water would support a blue German and not sure on their temperament..
Are their any other cichlids I could look at trying to keep?
My water pH is 7.5 and the hardness is 14gh
My tanks also planted and I'd kind of prefer it to stay that way lol I've attached a picture of my tank, I do have a red tiger lotus hidden by the bogwood too, my favourite plant lol.
Look forward to speaking to you all and thanks in advance