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Thread: Hi!! New here! 75 g in wall, Cichlids?

  1. Default Hi!! New here! 75 g in wall, Cichlids?

    Hey, just wanted to introduce myself. :-)
    Names Elizabeth, have always had a tank or two going, got out of reef tanks a few years ago when I had my children. Thinking of trying out cichlids.

    Can you guys help me decide if this is right for me?? Reefing was extremely rewarding, but I eventually got out of it due to expense and time constraints. How do cichlids compare to a full blown reef setup in these two aspects?? Infants completely eclipsed all else, but they are in school now so time is a lot more flexible. :-) but I am honestly very busy. So how much time do you REQUIRE, for tank maintenance. Not taking about tank gazing and fiddling- but actual work. I'll do plenty of that, but some weeks are worse than others.

    My set up is an in-wall 75g tank, drilled for reefing with a 55 g sump. Right now it has a cantankerous old gerbil in there who could kick the bucket any day now. He's not much fun to watch, and I need to get fish in that thing before I go nuts. Not a huge rodent fan, have always kept amphibians, reptiles and fish. :-)

    Don't mind dropping some cash on tank stuff to make upkeep easier, within reason. ;-)

    My well water is acidic and soft. :-( but after mixing and calc dosing reef tanks, the water parameters seem like they could be do-able.
    pH out of tap is 6, not sure once aerated, need to pick up a test kit. GH is 11 mg/L, don't know about KH (back to that test kit). So I'm looking at some water doctoring for sure.

    Guess I want what everyone else wants... Maximum color with minimum headaches. ;-) thinking peacocks, don't want to breed them, all male specific tank sounds tempting, but also maybe biting off more than I can chew. I HATE aggression problems, and don't know what to do with a problem fish.

    Mostly, I have no interest in killing fish whatsoever, so let's head off the stupid mistakes before I make then, yes?? ;-)

    Thoughts, advice, just a friendly hi??? Guess I'll be talking to y'all lots!!

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    Warning: I am not an expert, so below is just my thoughts, and my experiences.

    I can give you my thoughts on the time side of your question. I have a 72 Gallon aquarium myself. I have had the same cichlids in it since October 2012. I spend about 5 hours a week in tank maintenance. I spend 2 to 3 hours on Saturday, where I take out most to stones (not the gravel) from the aquarium, do a good gravel vacuum of the substrate gravel then put the stones back in a different setup than before. I also end up doing around a 50% water change during the process.

    I also on Wednesday spend around an hour where I just replace around 50% of the water with fresh water.

    I have two fluval canister filters on my aquarium, so on the last Saturday of the month I will switch the canisters around and will pick one canister and give it a proper cleaning, and replace the media.

    So it averages out to around 5 hours a week.

    As to cost, depending on the size and type of cichlids you get they will cost for $7 to $27 dollars (or more) per fish. If I had to do my tank over again, I would go without the Pseudotropheus socolofi (Powder Blue Cichlid) and gone with more of the Labidochromis caeruleus (Yellow Labs) they are just so cute. I also would have gotten more Pseudotropheus deep magunga red, the male of them turn an every changing shades of blue and purple. Again this is just what I would do differently If I had to start over.

    I do not like the Pseudotropheus socolofi (Powder Blue Cichlid) because they are just bullies, but it could be that I might have all males of them, or too many males verse females.

    Hope my thoughts help.
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    72 Gallon Aquarium Tank size is 39w x 18.75d x 25.5h
    4 - Labidochromis caeruleus (Yellow Labs)
    6 - Pseudotropheus socolofi (Powder Blue Cichlid)
    2 - Placidochromis johnstoni
    2 - Pseudotropheus deep magunga red
    2 - Bristlenose Plecostomus
    2 - 60 pound Holey Rocks
    2 - Baby Cichlids May be Yellow Labs

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