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Thread: Hello guys, new here!

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    Talking Hello guys, new here!

    Wow, this is a neat cichlid fish forum! Glad to be here. Been keeping fish ever since I was a 9 year old kid, and I got really serious around my teens in 2007 and presently. I own some species of cichlids at the moment Discus, Blood red parrots, German Blue ram, and a new small uaru fish I just got yesterday. I have to ID it. I'm pretty sure it's the fernandezyepezi species.

    Anyhow, looking forward to lurking around, and posting on this awesome cichlid fish forum.

    See ya guys around.


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    Welcome to the Cichlid Forums.

    I'm hoping those Cichlids aren't all in one tank. Discus and Rams will get along, but the Bloody Parrot is based on Central American species, and prefers harder water; they can also be a bit aggressive compared to those other species. Uarus do not go well with Discus and Rams, either. They tend to be quite territorial and can be rough if the tank isn't large enough. I can also tell you that your Uaru is not likely to be fernandezyepezi unless it was sold as a Panda Uaru and you paid a very high price for it (the last time I saw juvie Panda Uaru, they were selling for over $50 each). The species is still quite rare in the hobby, and the chances of getting one that isn't correctly identified are somewhere between slim and none - and a lot closer to none.
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