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    Hi. Just got a pair of kribs for my 20 gallon long tank. Can I put some small top dwelling dither fish in there or is it too small? I was also thinking about getting a br pleco for the algae but I think a few ottos do a way better job. Would I be able to keep ottos in there or should I refrain? Thanks in advance. It's hard for me to research about kribs, all the info I find online contradicts itself with other info I find online.
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    Plecos have a tendency to go into caves and eat Krib eggs, so I'd skip those. Never tried Otos with them, but I think they might be safe. The tank is big enough for some medium sized fish that stay near the surface, and the Kribs should show more with dithers in the tank.

    The use of online research for kribs will vary greatly because there are a lot of them out there, and people often interpret the same thing in different ways. Also, many sites use ancient data from (Gasp!) old books. A lot of these are store sites, and they don't care about the accuracy of the information, only about selling the fish.
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