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Thread: My first attempt at 3d background

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    Default My first attempt at 3d background

    So after seeing all the 3d backgrounds people are making I decided to give it a go. I decided to start with something small and made one for a ten gallon tank. it took me a few days to finally get it somewhat how I thought it up in my head as I went. All in all I think its ok looking. The some what looking tree will hide filter intake and heater. I will install it in the tank in the next couple days and see how it looks. Thanks for looking and for all the information from other that have taken on these projects.

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    roll tide country...:)


    looking good, im a huge fan on do it yourself backgrounds...;)
    "other than that, how was the play mrs. lincoln?"

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    I like - and they always look better once they get a coating of algae. Good approach starting with a small background to see what materials and techniques work for you before progressing to a more ambitious investment of your time & effort. Using the background to hide the equipment is a great plus, so long as the enclaves where you hide filter intakes & heaters have enough circulation & space for them to still function properly. Good luck - looking forward to seeing this bg in the aquascape.

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