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Thread: Videos: Mikula & Altolamps

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    Default Videos: Mikula & Altolamps

    Videos are not my preferred medium; however, thought I would "give it a go"

    This is my 72-gallon bow front tank. Sold off the last 10 F1 Mikula juvies a couple weeks ago and moved a group of 19, 2-inch, fry into it. The person who purchased my juvies wanted some of my Arkansas Field Stone as part of the deal. So, that gave me a chance to re-aquascape this tank.

    Here are the fish in it:
    19 - F1 Cyphotilapia gibberosa Mikula fry
    02 - F1 Altolamprologus calvus (Black Congo White Pearl) juvies
    02 - F1 Altolamprologus compressiceps (Muzi Gold Head) juvies

    I enjoyed the interaction of the altolamps in this first video.

    Feeding time

    Hope you enjoyed!


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    Nice tangs as usual Razzo
    125g- Labidochromis caerulous, Sciaenochromis fryeri Maleri Island, Protomelas Taeniolatus Male, Cynotilapia Sp. Gallireya Reef (White Top Hara) W/C + F1

    40g- Oblique zebras

    20g long- ocellatus "gold", calvus "white" Chaitika

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