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    Well, this little male Apistogramma trifasciata is apparently a stud! I've gotten three spawns from two females in less than two weeks! I had to pull the wigglers because there are too many fish in the tank - it was supposed to be temporary - and the fry would never have survived. First two spawns were about three or four days apart, one from each female, so I put all the free swimming fry together. Each spawn was over 50 fry, so I had over 100 babies! Third spawn, from the first female, was a couple of days ago, still wigglers. I counted at least 70.

    The Baby Daddy:

    One of the mommas:

    The kids are tiny, but they eat bbs and microworms. I put the first two batches in a 5 gallon tank so they don't have to hunt for food too hard. I'm going to put the third batch in a different tank, there's already 100 in the first tank! As soon as they put on some size, I'll move them to a larger tank.
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