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Thread: Need help, fish at top of tank

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    Default Need help, fish at top of tank

    I did about a 33% water change two days ago and another today (I neglected my tank and my catfish got sick) this did not save my catfish. After the first change my cichlids acted fine but after second change they are all swimming at the top of the tank. I have three in the tank and they are now the only fish in tank. Two are full grown and one is very young (couple months old).

    I am still learning this aquarium thing so i didn't test my ph before and dont know the ph of the tap.

    This is not common when i do my changes but again I have never done one this large.

    Any ideas on whats happening? Thanks.

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    Test the water and post your results, it's impossible to tell you what happened without more information that what has been provided.

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    Did you add any dechlorinator when you changed the water

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