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Thread: URGENT: Sumbu shell bred. What to do with the fries?

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    Default URGENT: Sumbu shell bred. What to do with the fries?

    Hello everyone,

    So I was doing a water change 10 minutes ago and what I see is a shell (in which my female lives) has something wiggling in there. I take a closeer look and find that there are many small fries. They have egg yolk attached to them. I took out my camera and took a few photos. I will post them later.

    Now the question is, what do I do?
    Shall I let it be just like it is? Means let the female take care of them? No other sumbu go there neither the female comes out of that place. Its liks a secluded corner of my tank under a lot of rocks.

    If you suggest to take them out, what setup shall I prepare to keep them in? I have a 2.5 gallon tank ready with a sponge filter running. I cannot get BBS until Monday (if no LFS would have it around which I am sure they would not).

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry I was not ready for this and it suddenly happened.


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    Default Update: Sumbu fries are doing great

    Hello guys,
    I am very happy and proud while writing this post.

    Let me start from the day I posted this thread:

    So I was excited and worried when I saw those fries with a big yolk sack attached to their bellies. Mschn99 and Russ had replied to my posts and I went ahead according to their suggestions. I let the fries be in their shell with the mumma for 7 more days.
    Here's what I had seen that day:

    In those 7 days I gathered all the important stuff that I was about to need:

    a 2.5 gallon tank from petsmart
    a 50W Eheim jager
    small sponge filter
    Brine shrimp hatchery base
    Brine shrimp eggs from
    aquarium salt, epsom salt to hatch the brine shrimps,
    a turkey baster (I did not realize the importance of this tool when someone suggested me to buy this. It is undoubtedly the most important tool you can have while raising fries)

    I filled this tank with the water from the main tank. After 2-3 days of testing, I was also able to match the temperature of both the tanks to +- 0.2F.
    On the 7th day, I took out the shell (Sumbu mom was still inside the shell) and placed it in the growout tank. Sumbu mom took an hour to get out of the shell. She came out, I caught her and put her back in the main tank.

    The fries were not coming out at all. I waited till the next day but no luck. So I had to turn over the shell to get them out. They all came out nicely and were sitting on the bottom. I had BBS ready. I cannot explain the joy I had when they ate BBS for the very first time. They were literally jumping to eat BBS. They were like small gobies that would sit on their pectoral fins.
    Their tummies were orange.
    I change water every night. Sometimes I change 40% sometimes 60% and sometimes 30%. I wash the sponge filter everyday with the water that comes out of the tank. It sucks up all the uneaten BBS. Then I add the water from the main tank with 5 ml Seachem stability to replenish the bacteria.
    So its been 23 days since I posted this thread. Roughly they are about 26-28 days old today.
    Since last 4-5 days they have started swimming a bit. They do sit at the bottom for most of the time but now they swim and explore around the heater and filter. They are still eating BBS three times a day with daily water change.

    Here's a video of them. Turn on HD:

    Now a few more questions for you all:

    When can I change their food? And to what? Shall I start feeding Repashy spawn and grow? Or crushed NLS thera A+ or cichlid formula?

    Now they go and hide behind the sponge filter everytime I make a sudden movement. Shall I add some shells in there? I am thinking of covering the sides of the tank.
    When would be the time for them to go in a bigger tank?

    Thanks all for reading and special thanks to Russ and Mschn99,

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    Looks like you are off to a great start!

    After, about, a month, I stop feeding BBS and switch to my staple flake which is a pulverized mixture of:
    Freeze dried mysis, plankton, and/or krill fines.
    A meat lovers flake high in protein (which I get HBH from Jehmco).
    NLS (again, pulverized into, almost, a powder).
    Perhaps, some spirulina (a little bit).

    Do not feed while they still have an egg sac.

    I usually wait for two months before moving to a bigger tank; which, for me, was a 55 gallon tank.

    Below are some aquascaping ideas for you (bunch of pics, hope thye help give you ideas). I think environmental enrichment is very important for altolamp fry. No substrate (to help keep the tank clean) but add rocks.

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    Thanks for the comment Russ. Yes the aquascaping ideas are very helpful. I will definitely add some rocks to the tank. I have been watching them very closely and in the last 2-3 days, I noticed that they have become very skittish. They are getting scared with each and every movement that I am doing in the room.
    I think its the time in their life when they need to feel more secure.

    And yeah that first fry pic that I posted: The food that you see there was not at all intended for them. Haha.. I was feeding the female and it went there.
    I will arrange a bigger tank for them now.

    One more question: So if there would be more fries in the shell this week, can I mix these 2 batches? Or would they start eating each other?

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    Nice, congratulations.

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    Hello All,

    The fry are doing great.
    They have started swimming in the water and no longer just sit at the bottom

    Now I am willing to change their food from BBS to dry crushed stuff. What should be the best strategy to do that? I tried it once and they totally refused to eat that stuff. They just like BBS.
    How can I bring them over the dry food?


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    Turkey baster n put it in water a finely crushed inject it in front of them

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