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    hi i was doing my 75g water change yesterday and i forgot to dechlorinate the water. i added 5 gallons to the tank and i instantly could smell the chlorine so i did 80g worth of chlorine detox in the tank within 1 minute. then i did the rest of the buckets before resuming water change. with that small of time exposure to the tap water uncut do you think i did any serious damage to the fish? i forgot to check them as i was rushing out the door to go to work tonight. tank is (red zebra) (electric yellow) (flavus) and (jalo reef afra) plus 3 plecos 1 common and 2 bn

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    fish seem fine i'm home been about 18 hours since error

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    When my 20 gallon tank evaporates enough to have a noisy waterfall sound to it I add a half gallon to a gallon of tap water no treatment without any problems and this is my brichardi breeding tank with many babies and they are unaffected.

    But the chlorine levels vary by area so they may be weak here.

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    I used to change my water the same way but im too paranoid and prime it anyway.
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