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Thread: Bulge on right side of body

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    Default Bulge on right side of body

    I need advise on what to do regarding an extremely large bulge on the right side of my Red Zebra's body.
    I currently have a 75 gal tank set up and it houses only 4 Red Zebra's which were raised from fry.
    They are approx. 5 years old and 4-5". The bulge is approx. .75" long and .5" wide. and starts from its mid section and extends toward the rear and occupies the lower gut area below the spine.
    Water conditions are good @ 8.2 ph and 80 degrees.
    I notice the bulge 1 week ago and it seems to be getting elongated, also rear fin is chewed up a bit.

    I think it might be a tumor of some sort or possibly it got beat up since it is the weakest of the 4.
    I am unable to attach pictures.

    Any advise is appreciated.

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