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Thread: setting up a new 75 gal, egg crate or...?

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    Default setting up a new 75 gal, egg crate or...?

    I'm looking for something to place under the rocks to protect the glass. The light diffusers I'm seeing at Home Depot are all larger than the tank so I would need to cut that down if I went with that option. Are there any easier solutions? In my mind I see some kind of styrofoam padding underneath the rocks. I am putting in black sand and don't really want white egg crate sticking out when the fish start digging. I'm looking for this heavy duty black foam stuff but can't for the life of me find the exact stuff I'm thinking about. Anyone have some idea or other good options for my tank setup?

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    I use the under gravel filter plates in my 110 gallon tank. I used to have two power heads cycling water from bottom to the top. But at the time my 8 to 10" jack Dempsey's would knock the tubes around I just decided to pull the tubes. Now the plates are just there to protect the glass bottom...

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