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Thread: 3 feet tall Angel biotope

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    Default 3 feet tall Angel biotope

    To say that this aquarium was challenging is a bit of an understatement.this was a 3 feet high vertical tank always hard to do and decorate.Angels as always are perfect choices for tall tanks (Discus too but since this was the clients first aquarium we wanted something a little tougher and easy going)This picture was taken 5 mins after adding the fish and as you can see the fish felt instantly at home in their natural surroundings.all the equipment is neatly hidden behind the wood.Lighting is done by a single spot led.some tetras algae eaters and corydorus catfish round up the fish list.The tank gets a weekly water change and its a back bending job due to the height but seeing the end result its totally worth it

    Do let me know what you think of this tank.

    Tank Specifications 24L 15D 36H
    Decor Root and branch wood,fine beige sand
    Light Single spot LED
    Backdrop Black Vinyl
    Hardware Jager 300w heater at 28 degrees,2 Reasun Magijet 1000l/h internal filters
    Maintenance 50% water change done once a week.
    Food Hikari Micro Wafers,Hikari Micro Pellets

    - See more at:
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    Very nice effort with the tank. An integral part of the biotope is it's inhabitants. These angels are tank/farm bred and will adjust to any new offense here, mate. My marble angels (very far or no connection to wild) adjusted to their new tank within a few hours without any plants. Now they are adapted to a planted environment. Just saying.

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