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Thread: firemouth biotope.

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    Default firemouth biotope.

    Hi all,
    would like to share with you a firemouth biotope.Central americans are fascinating me more and more and slowly and surely am moving towards them
    Tank size 36 18 18
    Light Philips Warm white led
    Filter eheim 2213 and eheim 2012 (Temporary as am upgrading to eheim 2217 soon)
    Decor includes locally collected and store bought drift wood,pebbles cobbles and broken gravel of mixed sizes,and fine brown sand
    Fish are 6 Firemouth cichlids and a large school of green swordtails.
    I feed them hikari cichlid bio gold,beed,blackworms,Hikari food sticks and hikari excel 4 times a day
    Still have to add some floating plants and leaf litter.
    Do let me know what you think of this scape
    Regards Hamza.
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    It's just beautiful, a credit to you

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