I am an experienced aquarist (30+ years) with 7 tanks. Three months ago my 10 year old Oscar passed away. I am looking to add new fish to this tank (smaller schooling types) - note there are three Plecos in this tank 125G - each around 8 - 10 inches (Sailfins).

Except for the two saltwater tank, my other aquariums have large fish and are bigger tanks: another Oscar around 18 inches, 24 inch Arowana, 8 inch Silver Dollars, 15 inch Balboa sharks, etc. (in four 210G - 380G tanks). I started these tanks 10 years ago and each of my fish have grown from little tiny fish. I have not purchased fish for a long time.

My thoughts are to ask for recommendations for smaller fish for the 125G that will be compatible with my Plecos. This tank has a sump (Model 4), Fluval G6 and 405. Well established with good water chemistry (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, less that 10 nitrates (hard to measure), 78 degrees, 6.8 to 7.0 Ph). I change 15 gallons of water everyday in this tank M-F. This tank sits next to my desk in my living room so it gets my visual attention while working (I work from home).

My concern is strong sleeping fish that my Plecos might latch onto.