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Thread: 55g 3D background for the local club

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    Default 55g 3D background for the local club

    This is a 3D background I just finished for the local cichlid club I am a part of for one of their auction's this weekend. Biggest hurdle with a 55g 3D background is that you only have 12" front to back depth so you don't want to cut that room down much more than you have too. So I got around that issue by making this one as thin as I could and just cut deeper into the foam as well as doing a bit darker shading in the crevices to give it the illusion of even more depth than it actually is. Worked out well as it has a nice 3D look to it yet 75% of it only takes 1" depth and the other 25% only takes 2" of tank depth.

    I also wanted to make it so the winner was not stuck with only being able to use a certain type of filter, such as a canister, because not everyone uses canisters. So the upper right 15" or so is rounded and thinner depth than the the rest so that a HOB filter such as a bio-wheel style can fit right over the background without any headaches.

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    You are a busy man, do you sleep at all? lol

    Looks good!
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    Be honest. How much did it cost to built.?You can start your own company you know? "Steve's 3D Backgrounds" Parts sold separate.
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    Sleep, whats that? lol

    It's hard to say how much just one cost me to build because some of the materials last more than just one background. Usually I buy the foam in 4ft x 8ft sheets and that's about $15 a sheet, then drylok is about $26 a gal, then the pond armor is the expensive item, that is $75 for a quart and a half.

    I actually started working on a 3D background website/business a few months ago but between my other business and the other projects I have going I just haven't had the time to finish the website and get it all up and running. One of these days I will though, its on the to do list.

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    Hands down Mate. If I where living in the US I would get a 6 footer from you because my Overflows of my sump is irritating to look at.
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