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Thread: Bought a used tank... cichlid ID

  1. Default Bought a used tank... cichlid ID

    I bought a used aquarium, some fish came with it... can you guys help me ID them?
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Name:	2013-10-29 05.10.08.jpg 
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Name:	2013-10-30 17.33.25.jpg 
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Name:	2013-10-29 19.27.34.jpg 
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    ! Face palm didn't read this first lol i know for sure the 3rd pic is a yellow lab (Labidochromis caeruleus)

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    the other pic number 2 and 4 are a littile blury to tell clearly for me atleast, not really sure on the first one

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    I'll see if I can get some better pictures tonight.

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    The first photo looks like a type of Pelvicachromis (maybe P. taeniatus) and the others look like specimens from Lake Malawi (I think Metriaclima callainos, a Labidochromis hybrid, and some other unknown).
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    The first fish appears to be the West African Enigmatochromis lucanusi. It's not a very common fish, but certain characteristics of that species are unique among Krib types, such as the blue dorsal and the large blotches down the side when stressed. Others are various Rift Lake Malawian types, not really compatible with the first, which prefers softer, more acid conditions.

    All are Africans, rather than Neotropical.
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