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Thread: What country r u from? And what fish do u keep.

  1. Default What country r u from? And what fish do u keep.

    Hi guy's im just wondering country's all u guys r from? Im from New Zealand but I live un Melbourne Australia. And I have a pair of dovii.

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    I was born in Canada and live in the Bay Area of California.
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    1I'm from the USA and I have a 55 gallon mbuna tank with a wild male saulosi, several small saulosi, and wild pair of zebra gold lions cove (which are for sale) and polits (for sale but already sold)

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    I'm from Ontario California, and currently live in Bay Area. I have a tank of Malawi cichlids, as well as a tank of Tangs with a couple SA thrown in there. I also have a tank that is a JD with his fry. Mom died.

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    I'm from Ontario Canada...I keep everything

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    I'm in Sioux City, Iowa, U.S. - formerly kept Malawians.... still working on getting back into Malawians...
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    I was born in Swellendam and live in South Africa. I love cichlids but only keep Mbuna.
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