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Thread: African Cichlids Breeder sharing Wild & F1 generation Pundamilia Nyererei Red

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    Default African Cichlids Breeder sharing Wild & F1 generation Pundamilia Nyererei Red

    1 of my all time favorite fish to breed and raise is Pundamilia Nyererei Red. I am always interested in seeing everyones photos of the different specimens they have, so lets post em up in a nice thread. I have been lucky enough to obtain these.

    Wild Pundamilia Nyererei Red Mwanza from 2007 and 2012 imports.
    Wild Pundamilia Nyererei Red Juma Island 2013 imports ( new 1st collection )
    Wild Pundamilia Nyererei Super Red Makobe 2013 imports ( thing is, yes they are super red )

    I have shipped out 100's of Mwanza from 2007 bloodlines over the last 5 years. Many times being told these fish are 1 the most colorful Cichlids they have seen.
    I am always interested in seeing how those fish look when grown out so if you got pics post em up. Never too many Nyererei Red Photos.

    I currently have:

    5 - spawns of Mwanza from 2012 bloodlines
    3 - spawns of Juma Island 2013
    1 - spawn of Makobe 2013

    all growing out still all 1/4" and under and still need 2-3 months before distribution.
    Still lots of F2 from 2007 Mwanza Gulf available.

    Any other breeders out there breeding Wild P. Nyererei RED ?? please post pics always good to see... here are some of my newest photos.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1257.jpg 
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    notice color in this Mwanza 2012 holding female more color in person, did not show up well in pic, cant wait to see how fry look when grown out--
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1206.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1203.jpg 
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ID:	22148Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1203.jpg 
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ID:	22148 these are bunch of wild makobe males--- good fishin all--- lets see some pics from other breeders and hobbyists a like ---

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    No need to say red nyererei or super red nyererei, Pundamilia nyererei is red on the back and yellow on the flanks, these are the colours of the original description as a species, is this post an advertising or an informative one??? if so, then stop to spread commercial names and respect the taxonomics laws.
    P.nyererei is a valid species, take a look at the description and yu'll see that P.nyererei is ALWAYS red.
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    It is said that not all species have been discovered and their is a whole complex of NYEREREI:
    All Black Nyererei
    all red nyererei
    big blue
    black and orange
    crimson tide
    lemon fin
    orange anal
    pink anal etc etc etc etc

    PUNDAMILIIA NYEREREI RED is very well respected name by hobbyists & breeders in this country commercial or not ( NO DISRESPECT TO ANY PHD HOLDER )- Me I am a breeder--hands on breeder--- insuring all have opertunity to enjoy these fish--. As previously mentioned. The commercial importer who also has been diving in Malawi and not just a reseller of fish but also writes articles etc. on new discoveries and proven to be only reliable person to continue to import wild fish from Victoria reccomends using Ole Seehausen for help with identification in the USA. Ole has published a book back in 1996 and I am sure there are new articles out there---and they will be posted up in the thread. This categorie clearly says COMMERCIAL POSTINGS ARE OK--- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT--- this is a place for breeders to share their fish INFO. HERE ARE MORE PHOTOS OF MY WILD PUNDAMILIA NYEREREI SUPER SUPER RED RED RED MAKOBE ISLAND AKA ELECTRIC RED NYEREREI ---AKA--- NYC FIRE ENGINE NYEREREI ----
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1074.jpg 
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    when you see these Makobe in person they truley are a SUPER RED COLOR compared to other RED NYEREREI in this country simply AMAZING--- I HOPE OTHER HOBBYISTS AND BREEDERS ENJOY THESE PHOTOS- --- AS a true breeder we just keep shipping these critters NATION WIDE--- MANY MORE PHOTOS of WILD and F1 generation of PUNDAMILIA NYEREREI RED SOON TO FOLLOW---
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pundamilia Nyererei Red Juma Island - 1st time collection NEW -
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0897.jpg 
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ID:	22151 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN0900.jpg 
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ID:	22152

    This variant --- shows a nice blue color in the males and also in the females--- more pics soon to follow---
    Any breeders or hobbyists have photos of their Nyererei -- post em up -- always interested in seeing differences from the collection points.

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    It doesn't matter to me whether or not red is said in the name but when I first read the posting and then the response from Samaki I took it as an attack. I'm not goin to correct someone for calling an Elegans an acei not vice versa. I believe that those need to be sent in a pm and keep the laundry in house and not spread all over the lawn.
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    Thank You-- Ian R29 --- post some pics of your fish--- this new thread was started -- to do just that--- get back to the fish I spent the last 5 years breeding and raising F1 and F2 generation Mwanza wrote much info on it--- On this new thread--- commercial postings are welcome as listed in rules of this site--- FYI--- I am no commercial breeder-- ALL my tanks are in a 2 car garage, I am a hobbyist sharing his experience of this great fish with you all and very very interested in seeing how all those F1 and F2 are doing in all of your tanks. post up your photos and spread the wealth. -- Anyway we are in the BREEDER section now and as a 20 year breeder I have plenty to share with you all here but I also need to learn from how the fish are doing in your tanks to make efforts for better future of the fish...

    Is there ANYONE else out there who produced F1 generation from 2007 wild imports ?? fish on good buddy.

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    Hi a species is designed by a genus name and a species name, this fish is Pundamilia(genus) nyererei(species) so if any wants to use this name he has to respect the taxonomics rules, that's all. These are hidden advertisings posts as pointed in many others forums.
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    I'm trying not to be ignorant about the whole topic but I have no clue on Vic's and if Cali is saying there are different variations of this species an not all are red then why can't one state the color? Example being is if I have a metriaclima Estharae Minos reef where there are blue and red males and female. So if I called it a male metriaclima Estharae Minos reef blue, am I wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by samaki View Post
    These are hidden advertisings posts as pointed in many others forums.
    As a responcible MOD--- you can educate members how I would be able to post so thats its not advertising ( when I asked this I was told to SIMPLY STOP POSTING ). -- these forums are for posting photos and sharing with other members which is exactly what I am doing. hobbyists have asked many times to write articles and info on the forums which is why I am here-- I advertise on Google and facebook as well as other places. I have discontinued 100's of dollars a year in advertising on forums you MOD. photos speak a 1,000 words and hobbyists as well as myself enjoy all the photos I share in the forums.

    lets see info on fish this topic is about Wild and F1 generation Pundamilia Nyererei Red-- I am interested in seeing other hobbyists around the country who have them so we can share info and photos--- thank you to the mods who support our efforts in preserving such a rare and endangered specie.

    As far as Pundamilia(genus) nyererei(species) this is true but as even the most novice hobbyists knows there are several collection points of Nyererei and many variations a whole complex of them AKA SUB GENIUS ( but I have no PH.D either. the extra description associated with the species name is so hobbyists can differentiate between the collections adn variations ( so they know more clearly what is being discussed ) its is not an attempt to undermine any research. I am confident that knowing 1/3 of the estimated African Cichlids have only been discovered that soon hopefully in soon to come more wild collections we will see the other variants like Pundamilia Nyererei Big Blue as described in Ole Seahausens book --- published in 1996.... pretty sure he does have a PH.D.

    Samaki -- I do have an unidentified Victorian-- I am wondering if you would be interested in helping identify it ??? perhaps there is hope for us after all ???

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    I'm sorry, but it does look like an ad when you post a topic in the Cichlid Breeders Directory. You may not say it directly, but the fact that you say "Still lots of F2 from 2007 Mwanza Gulf available" makes it seem like an ad. Perhaps post in the General African section and leave all of your spawns out of the topic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by colorblizzle View Post
    Got her by the proverbial balls for once lol

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    I want nothing to do with the forum drama, so i will just stick to the topic and use this as an excuse to post pics of my fish Here is my F2 red mwanza (mwanza gulf collection point) that are second generation from the 2007 import. This is not an advertisement but the fish did come from the OP of this thread. I keep 2 males and 12 females in a 72 gallon bowfront, species only other than some BN pleco's with a mixture of pool filter and crushed coral sands using two aquaclear 70's for filtration. In this setup, the dominant male shows about 80% of his color at all times, only getting slightly brighter when breeding. The sub dom male rarely shows much color at all, and at most times he is almost as lightly colored as the females are. The dominant male pretty much just leaves him alone as he has so many females to tend to. There is lots and lots of chasing but all of the fish keep perfect looking fins and never look beat up. They are also out in the visual area of the tank most of the time and other than a holding female occasionally, you never see a fish hiding or cowering under cover. I did try putting a small group of 6 white top hara with them for about a month. The hara were about the same size and the dominant male mwanza lost all color for about a week, then regained it. The males of each species then started fighting a lot over territory to breed, and in the end i decided the experiment did not work and removed the hara from that tank.

    This article is actually pretty good even though it does not get into major specifics or all the collection points

    I apologize for the dirty glass in some of the pics LOL

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    Beautiful. What lake are these from?

    I have MTS.
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