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    I have decided get some folded cards printed online for our store promotion, but I am being told by the online tool that the "DPI" of the files uploaded is not sufficient enough for a quality output. The shots have been taken with a DSLR camera, real good quality in my opinion, then resized and sent via email. What do I do? There is photoshop on my PC, can I use that to alternate the DPI? Can I only decrease it, or is it possible to increase it as well? Thank you!

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    You should not resize the image, that reduces the actual pixel count. Send the full image, and they can shrink it to fit while retaining density. The problem with looking at images on the computer is that it's hard to figure out just how big an image really is.

    Once an image is resized down, you cannot restore the DPI density to full size.
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    Hello Chromedome, thank you clarifying this. I should still have the original size images on the memory card of the camera, with the DPI untouched, I'll give it a try. Have a nice weekend!

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    The original picture usually has a DPI of 72 coming out of the camera. For professional printing they generally want at least 300 DPI and preferrably 600 DPI. You can simply use the crop tool in Photoshop and set the DPI to 600. You will see the DPI entry above the picture as soon as you select the crop tool.

    I've sold a number of my fish pictures to book and magazine publishers and this works well.

    The Dots Per Inch (DPI) is the density of the dots not the total pixel count. You can resize the picture since increasing the DPI can tremendously increase the file size.


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    Hi Kevin,

    I found that option on the Photoshop, this is what I needed, thank you.

    Have a good Monday!

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