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Thread: Very Aggressive Jack Dempsey needs an algae eater!! HELP

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    Exclamation Very Aggressive Jack Dempsey needs an algae eater!! HELP

    I have a 1 year old, extremely aggressive jack dempsey cichlid, hes such a beauty and I love him to death! I've had him since he was very very tiny and even as a young jack he tried to kill anything and everything that he could. But i had to keep the algae down so i bought a small algea eater when i bought him and he killed it. later, i bought a very large algae eater and once again, he killed it. about 3 months back, i took advice from a local cichlid breeder and bought 4 apple snails and just as i thought i had a solution, i uncovered 3 apple snail bodies today in his cave he doesnt eat what he kills, he just likes to kill them. the green algae in his tank is becoming a huge hastle, it doesnt come off no matter what i try and its growing and growing every day. HE NEEDS SOME FORM OF AN ALGAE EATER.. BAD. a local fish store suggested a synodontis catfish? but idk what to trust. any advice? please?


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    My experience with JDs and algae eaters (Plecos) isn't good. They seem to kill the fish or at least beat on them badly. Not sure if a Synodontis would do the trick either. It sounds to me like your tank is getting way to much light causing growth of algae either from sunlight or your tank lights are of such they induce algae growth. Cutting the hours per day with your light on and or changing your lighting spectrum to bulbs that don't encourage algae growth would also be some good options. Good luck and welcome to the forums.


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    +1 Dave, also the Synodontis sp. are not big algea eaters, doubtful they would not solve your problem, increase water changes and go with Dave's suggestion about lighting

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    As stated, id cut down on lighting and consider using UV sterilizer as i found it helped greatly to control algae.
    Also, is it planted your tank? Plants also help with algae control as they absorb some of the nitrates which algae also live on so this may be an option too.
    Not fair on the fish to keep adding them only for your JD to kill them!! 😞.
    Hope you get it sorted!! 👍

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    But adding real plants to a JD tank isn't a great idea either. JD's LOVE to dig up and destroy plants, kind of a money pit. I agree though, Maximum of like 6-9 hours of a light a day for now, Algae mainly grows from two things: Fish waste and Light. Either you're feeding WAY to much or keeping the lights on....hopefully not both. I personally liked my Eclipse Catfish, He doesn't clean the algae, but he eats everything at the bottom of the tank. He is also sneaky enough to fit in small hiding areas, away from my Flowerhorn. But they can reach lengths of 4 ft....I would look for a tough catfish, maybe Raphael?

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    well the algae problem is solved now thank you guys tho! now the problem is him... i clean his tank every week and feed him twice a day, but now his waste/random other stuff is starting to clutter the tank... BUT OF COURSE BECAUSE OF HIS AGRESSION, I CANT HAVE A CATFISH im in such a rut..

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