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    Hi Everybody,

    This is my first day here. I have quickly picked up an assortment of cichlids over the last month.

    I am most concerned about my 3 Jeweled cichlids. I got them on 3/25/12 (last Sunday), and 2 of them have turned red and are ready to lay eggs. I think both of them might be females. Both of them are having a growing stomach and have dropped their breeding tubes. The 3rd one, I separated until last night. The 3rd one had not turned red, so I thought it was not involved with the pair.

    Last night, I decided that maybe both red ones might be Females and maybe the non-colored might be a male. I put him in with both red jewels and they all seem to be fine - so far.

    I am worried about all 3 of them, because I heard that they are usually aggressive. Can 1 male fertilize the eggs on 2 females?

    The 2 reds hang out together. Could they both lay eggs in the same place? And raise the fry together? Could they be a HAPPY trio?

    **I also have 6 Electric yellow labs, bonded pair of rainbow cichlids, 6 Red Point Hondurous, and 2 pairs of Pelvichachromis taeniatus Moliwe! I also raise hundreds of Sailfin mollies and some cory cats.


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    Hello and welcome Kitty. Jewels are considered for the most part to be monogamous bonding. It isn't impossible to have 2 females be attracted to each other either and one female usurp the role of the male although the eggs certainly won't be viable. It is also conceivable that a male may sneak in and fertilize the eggs and be chased away after being caught doing so. Some good pics of these 3 fish may help us better determine if in fact you do have 2 females setting up house keeping. And yes, the are quite aggressive fish, especially during mating and fry protection. I am curious as to the size of your tank all these fish are being kept in. Good luck and again welcome to the forum.


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    Hi Baytherman,

    I am working on making a fish room in the cellar and buying bigger tanks. At this time the Rainbow Cichlid pair is with 3 pictus catfish, 1 very large pleco, and many endler mix feeder fish in a 43 gallon tank. (While I was worring about the Jewels - the Rainbow pair laid eggs).

    The jewels are in a 36 gallon divided tank - each side is 18 gallons. My jewels are around 2.5 inches or so for the large ones and around 2 inches for the small one. They are sharing the tank with about 3 endlers mixes and 2 rubberlip plecos. (I can't seem to catch them plecos without disturbing the whole tank).

    The divided tank does seem to be helping them. They spend some time at the glass divider trying to eat the mollies on the other side of the glass. They have not killed or eaten any endler mixes.


    The pictures are not very good with my current camera. I plan to get a better camera very soon.
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    Hi Friends,

    I am still in search of answers. "Both of them are having a growing stomach and have dropped their breeding tubes."

    How long after the tubes drop - should I expect them to spawn?


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