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Thread: Built-in filter vs External Filter

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    Unhappy Built-in filter vs External Filter

    I am thinking of buying a new tank. It will most likely be a 125 gal. 60x18x24. The tank is acrylic, and I have the option of getting it with built in filtration system. It consists of a mechanical, biological, and chemical system. The pump however only puts out 400 gal per hour. There are many advantages since there is no external plumbing with hoses, etc. for the kids to mess with.

    On the other hand, I want the best filtration possible, so the option I was considering was to get the standard acrylic tank without the built-in filtration system, and using an external system like the Eheim Pro 2028

    or the Ocean Clear

    or their model with a built-in UV sterilizer

    I plan to keep a semi crowded tank with various Malawi cichlids.

    Your expertise is highly welcome!

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    With a 110 g tank like what you are talking about I would go with the eheim pro II 2028 and A power filter like an Emperor 400(maybe even 2)

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    Many options would work, but I would favor those that are not of the built in type. The suggestion above would be fine. I tend to lean to wet/dry filters for tanks over 100 gallons as they just end up being easier to deal with, and they're very efficient.

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