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Thread: Can someone identify these for me?

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    Default Can someone identify these for me?

    I bought these from of all places walmart. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) I now know that my setup is far from ideal for cichlids, and I'm working on it. These guys have so much personality than fish I have had in the past, and I'm loving them!

    I think the yellow guy is an electric yellow, but I really have no clue. And I REALLY have no clue about the other one. Any help would be much appreciated. =]

    I feel like I should note that the first fish has shiny shimmers of blue that you can't see in this picture that well because they're inside that plastic log.

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    Do you really think that could be a kenyi even though its so yellow and not as blue? or is that just because she is still so small? Or do you think its a kenyi hybrid? Not trying to second guess you because I'm sure you know much more than me, I just really want to know my fish.

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    Kenyi males turn yellow, females and juvies are blue.
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    Ohhhh I thought the males were born yellow. Thanks! =]

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    Yup, kenyi are born blue... however, ps. saulosi has the exact opposite coloring as kenyi... they are all born yellow, and the males turn blue.
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