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Thread: Spokane Aquaholics Club

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    Default Spokane Aquaholics Club

    There is a new aquarium club that has started in Spokane, WA. It's called Spokane Aquaholics. The members consist of freshwater, saltwater, planted tanks, and reef keepers. Free to join!

    look them up on Facebook

    email them

    Just started about a two weeks ago and already has a dozen members and counting, including myself!
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    You guys know were can purchase electric blue dempseys in Spokane area or at least order one without paying 60 dollars for shipping?

    Current tank 125 gallon
    Filtration filstar xp up to 175 gallon
    South Central american cichlids
    Jack Dempsey,Fire mouth,red head severum,convict,bristle nose pleco

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